About age :

1. Minimum age for participating is 10 years old in kumite, and 7 in kata.

2. Age at the day of the competition decides which age category the competitor should enter.

Age categories in Kumite may be divided into groups by height.

This means that all entries must be made showing height in centimetres.

Then if necessary the groups will be split as fairly as possible.

Youths. Under 16s Kumite :

1. No contact to the head at all.

2. All contact to the head is minimum keikoku.

3. Score should be given for correct controlled technique from 1-10 cm away from the head.

4. Contact to the body should be light, like skin touch to the head for seniors.

5. Too much contact to the body should be minimum keikoku.

7. Time is 1 min 30 sec.

Cadets16 & 17s Kumite :

As per WKF rules, but using the “mirror system” of refereeing where necessary.

Time 2 mins.

Cadets Team kumite :

1. Each team is 3 competitors.

2. The team must have one competitor from age 13, one from 14, and one from 15, height is free.

3. Maximum 3 reserves can be used, but must be in the same age category as the one they replace.

Youths Kata :

1. In individual categories, free choice of kata, but the competitor must perform a different kata in the final, than they performed in the previous round.

2. In team kata, free choice of kata, and the team can perform the same kata through the competition.

3. There will be no performance of bunkai in team kata.

Cadets & Senior Kata:

Individual :

1st Round Itosu group (list A below)

2nd Round Higaonna group (list B below)

Then any kata from list A, B or C below.

No kata to be repeated within the first 5 rounds.

If the competition goes beyond 5 rounds (including repechage) a kata can be repeated, but not from the previous round.


The same kata can be repeated in every round, from list A, B or C below.


Kata List A : Itosu group

Bassai-Dai, Bassai-Sho, Kosokun-Dai, Kosokun-Sho, Shiho-Kosokun, Jitte,

Jiin, Jion, Wanshu, Rohai-Shodan, Rohai-Nidan, Rohai-Sandan, Chinto,

Chintei, Useishi

Kata List B : Higaonna group

Saifa, Seienchin, Seisan, Seipai, Sanseiru, Shissochin, Kururunfa, Suparinpai

Kata List C : Other groups

Niseishi, Sochin, Unshu, Matsukaze, Koshiki-Rohai, Annanko, Shinpa, Juroku,

Nipapo, Matsumura-no-Bassai, Tomari-Bassai, Matsumura-no-Seisan, Chatan’yara-no-Kosokun, Ahnan, Heiku, Paiku, Pachu

Senior Kumite:

As per WKF rules, but using the “mirror system” of refereeing where necessary.

Time : Female – 2 mins. ; Male – 3 mins.

Entries should be received by the host country before 01.March, but with changes possible after.

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