Official Invitation for




Dear Kofukan member club,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 2020 Kofukan International Cup, which this year will take place in Denmark.

2020 is a very special year for karate all over the world, as this will be the first time that Karate appears on the Olympic program. In fact, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will only be a few months after the KIC 2020 and we therefore expect a heightened interest for this tournament among the Danish audience. For our part, we intend to do our outmost to make this a great event and a great showcase of our art.

More importantly however, we look forward to continuing the good spirit and sportsmanship from the past KIC events, and we hope for your participation to make this an absolutely spectacular tournament and social event!

We look forward to seeing you in Denmark in April 2020.


Best regards,

Chairman and chief instructor, Kofukan Denmark, Jonas Bisgaard



Essential information



Ballerup Super Arena, 4 Ballerup Idrætsby, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark



4th-5th April 2020.



Shito-ryu Karate-do Kofukan International and Kofukan Denmark.


Organizing committee

Jonas Bisgaard, Chairman and Chief instructor

Kasper Rasmussen, Head of Organizing Committee


Competition registration

Registration before March 1st 2020.



Latest payment before March 1st 2020. More information to follow.

Each country to pay for the entire delegation’s competition fees, payment for the tournament dinner party and for transportation.